Dr. David B. Adams

Dr. David B. Adams is the clinical director of Atlanta Medical Psychology and is in his 24th year of clinical practice, diagnosing, treating, and providing 2ndOpinions on disorders resultant from and contributing to work-related injuries, including anxiety, mood and somatoform disorders. Dr. Adams is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine and the American Academy of Pain Management. Licensed in Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia, Dr. Adams is the author of greater than 70 scientific articles and textbook chapters on the interaction between psychological factors and work-related injuries. He is the Executive Director of the American Academy of Doctors of Psychology, an international search engine of psychologists. Dr. Adams delivers a weekly seminar to physicians, nurses, employers, insurers, and attorneys on the psychological aspects of disability management. Dr. Adams can be reached at 404.252.6454 (E-Mail: dr_adams@psychological.com)