Medical Treatment for the Injured Worker

by James J. Long, Esq.
Long & Holder, LLP

I. INTRODUCTION The Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation 1998 Annual Report shows that insurers and self-insurers spend more on medical expenses than on indemnity benefits. In the past decade, a primary goal of the Board has been to reduce medical costs and the resulting insurance premiums to employers while still providing for quality medical […]

Practice and Procedure under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Subrogation Statute

by Bernard F. Kistler, Jr.
Hamilton, Westby, Antonowich & Anderson, L.L.C.

I. CURRENT INTERPRETATIONS OF THE STATUTE AND APPLICATION OF THE SAME. Pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 34-9-11.1, the Employer and Insurer have a subrogation lien, up to the amount of benefits paid, against any recovery by the injured worker. O.C.G.A. § 34-9-11.1(b). This lien only applies to the payment of disability benefits1, death benefits2, and medical expenses paid under Title […]

Representing the Workers’ Compensation Claimant

by Miles L. Gammage
Mundy & Gammage, P.C.

This article originally appeared in the Georgia Bar Journal and is reprinted with permission of the author. As in most personal injury cases involving contingency fees, if you want to be a claimant’s attorney strictly for the money, get out now! Representing injured workers can be frustrating, but it can also be rewarding if you know what […]

Avoiding Unexpected Liability from Sexual Harassment and Workplace Violence Claims

by William N. Anderson
Hamilton, Westby, Antonowich & Anderson, L.L.C.

This paper was presented by Mr. Anderson at the June 18, 1999, Workers’ Comp Update ’99 sponsored by Council on Education in Management. It deals with the exclusive remedy provision of the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act and how various tortious injuries and workplace violence situations may be compensable workers’ compensation claims. It also provides some suggestions […]

Traveling Employees

by Thomas L. Holder, Esq.
Long & Holder, LLP

I. Introduction Many workers sustain injuries in vehicular accidents. Issues arise as to whether the incident is covered under workers’ compensation law or general negligence law. The practitioner needs to know how to proceed. Often, a decision needs to made as to whether the case would be better if one proceeded by pursuing a worker’s […]